JW Marriott Hotel Istanbul Marmara Sea Outdoor

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JW Marriott Hotel Istanbul Marmara Sea Outdoor

JW Marriott Hotel Istanbul Marmara Sea Outdoor

ALAN Project’s contributions to the JW Marriott Hotel Istanbul Marmara Sea Outdoor spaces are a testament to our belief in the synergy between art and the environment. Our creations are not merely sculptures placed in a landscape; they are conversations in form, material, and the rhythms of nature. “Circular Wood” and “Fragile Wood” stand as poetic interpretations of nature’s cycles and resilience. These organic forms—a symphony of spheres—draw their inspiration from the very essence of the trees they represent. They evoke the texture of bark, the rings of growth, and the inherent beauty of natural decay, reminding onlookers of the ephemerality and endurance of nature.

In the bustling context of JW Marriott Hotel Istanbul Marmara Sea, “The Red Pearl” emerges as a beacon of boldness and innovation. Its looping design and vibrant color command attention, creating a visual interplay with the urban landscape and inciting movement and interaction. It is a celebration of vitality, a sculptural metaphor for the pulse of life that courses through the veins of the city.

“Bronze Dream” offers a different narrative, one that grounds and connects. The abstract form and earthy materiality of the sculpture reflect the organic undulations of the landscape. Its textured surface is a canvas for the play of light and shadow, adding a tactile dimension to the visual experience.

Each piece curated and created by ALAN Project for JW Marriott Hotel Istanbul Marmara Sea is more than an object; it’s an integral component of the landscape’s identity. These sculptures enhance the natural and architectural dialogue, creating destinations within the environment where people can pause, reflect, and connect.

In crafting these pieces, ALAN Project has melded artistic expression with the vitality of outdoor space, ensuring that each installation is not just seen but experienced, not just encountered but remembered.

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